There's something about snow that is like faith, thought Emily as she stared out the window into the twilight. It's so ethereal coming down, blanketing the ground in soft bluish white. Viewed from a distance, it all makes sense. But when you pick it up with your fingers and examine it, it melts away into cold wetness. It causes your flesh to ache and your senses to dull. Yes, faith is a lot like snow -- beautiful, white snow.

*     *     *     *     *

When anthropology professor Emily Campbell goes to investigate paranormal occurrences at a New York City daycare center, events are set into motion that will transform her world. Details from her investigation, along with developments in her own life, cause her to question long-held ideas and to see her past in a new light.

But Emily is not the only one whose world is about to change. She is only one player in the final act of a drama that has been unfolding for centuries — a spiritual tug-o-war surrounding an object with the power to change the hearts of humankind. As Emily tries to understand the signs around her, others are attempting to make sure she never does.