"This is a very important thing. One day it will bring comfort and hope to many people. Make sure it is kept safe."
—The Lady

"Little did they know that by looking to Hitler for protection, they were only running from one demon into the arms of another."
—Klaus Bronner

"There's something about snow that is like faith. It's so ethereal coming down, blanketing the ground in soft bluish white. Viewed from a distance, it all makes sense. But when you pick it up with your fingers and examine it, it melts away into cold wetness. It causes your flesh to ache and your senses to dull. Yes, faith is a lot like snow -- beautiful, white snow."
—Emily Campbell

"I just don't like witch hunts, no matter who the witch is."
—Emily Campbell

"Even if faith is a convention of the mind, it's something that comes naturally. People have believed in God or gods as long as humans have been here. Why do you feel it's your job to pick it apart?"
—Heather Campbell

"Don't be too hard on your friend Katy. All things change. And true friends are hard to come by."
—Sister Sarah Ruth

"If you stick around for dinner, we got some beer sent up to us from St. Joseph's. It's the yearly Christmas exchange between us and the monks. We send them honey and jam, and they send us beer. I think we got the better end of that deal, don't you?"
—Sister Lizzie

"I can't believe you wrote about the nipples."
—Raphael the Archangel

"You Catholics see everything as a closed system. And that which doesn't fit the system is viewed with suspicion or rejected as evil. But we see the physical universe as part of God. That which doesn't make sense now, will eventually make sense in time. That's why, when someone like a Galileo or Copernicus comes along, you treat them with fear. But we see the scientific as part of God — no need for fear."
—Eliaz Balsam

"Oftentimes, the prayers of others, not your own, have the greatest effect on your life."
—Cassiel the Archangel

"The battle between good and evil is not like some game of football on a vertical playing field."
—Cassiel the Archangel

"Regardless of how the world changes around you, there is one who is in control and that is where we need to entrust our fear rather than trying to manage it on our own."
—Sister Sarah Ruth